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About Us

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GTC Compressor is trustworthy and reliable name in Screw Compressor. GTC offers the complete solution for compressed air system for the industry with Screw Air Compressor, Refrigerant Air Dryer, Oil Free Water Injected Screw Compressor, Air Receiver, Oil Free Piston Compressor, Reciprocating Air Compressor and Filters. We are offering breakthrough technology with precision design, high efficiency air flow with energy saving ways. We are at GTC engineers to the sales staff, has the experience, skilled and dedicated staff to provide the customer fine quality and around the clock service wherever the customer needed. GTC engineers and technicians ensure that each machine is designed to pack with most efficient and effective way possible. Our highly skilled mechanics take pride in assembling high quality parts into exceptional machines. Our trained technicians examine every single assembled machine to see that it is operating perfectly before it leaves the premises. Finally, the sales staff utilizes its extensive knowledge to ensure that customers receive the product they had ordered.

Vision & Mission

Our mission is to delight our customer all the time by delivering on time zero defect air compressor and its parts. Innovation and continuous improvement in all areas shall be our priority for maintaining product performance with cost competitiveness. We have core strength and we strive to continue to perform better and better to beat our own past performance records.

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Pharma Industry

Power Plant

Food Industry


Cement Industry

Paper Industry

Textile Industry

Water Treatment

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Chemical Industry