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Compressed Air Dryer

Air quality can have a substantial impact on compressed air systems. Properly treated compressed air, and the right air dryer will improve productivity, system efficiency and product or process quality. The appropriate air dryer and compressed air filter is very important. GTC air dryer or compressed air filter, are high quality treatment products that will enhance your entire air compressor system. An air dryer is an essential piece in your air treatment system, making GTC wide knowledge and expertise in this field a key aspect to the success of your compressed air system. GTC has the widest selection of air treatment products and application knowledge to protect your investment and compressed air system.


  1. Environment Friendly
  2. More Reliability
  3. Power Saving
  4. Consistent Dew Point

5.  Low Pressure Drop

6.  Compact Design

7. Ease of Installation

8. Reduce Maintenance

Air Filters

Compressed air contains considerable quantity of solid & oil impurities. These impurities will be the major cause of downtime in compressed air systems. GTC with its rich experience provides innovative solutions to produce clean air by means of using sophisticated filtering system. GTC Compressed Air Filters are designed to remove solid & oil residue from compressed air system.


  1. These compressed air filters have High quality large filtering media
  2. These compressed Air Filters have Epoxy resin treated housings
  3. These compressed air filters are designed for Very low pressure drop
  4. These compressed air filters have Differential pressure indicators